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In answering the appeals by the government for development of national sports and promotion of basketball, Mr. YEH, Ching-lin, the founder of Yulon Group, organized Yulon Basketball Team, the very first League A team franchised by private enterprise in Taiwan, in June 1965.

Both Mr. YEH and his wife, also the President of Yulon Group, Mrs. WU, Shun-wen are fully committed to support the Team thanks to their enthusiasm in the development of basketball in Taiwan. Maintaining a basketball team is never an easy task, but Yulon does a wonderful job in keeping the Team. To offer a better training environment, Yulon Coliseum was built up in 1971 solely dedicated to the Team. The Coliseum is well equipped to make sure that the Team to maintain best tuned both in skills and physical shape. Training facilities are also updated as technology advances. Yulon has now established a highly praised system for the Team. The system provides the most practical assistance and placement for the players in their career planning. Job ranking and promotion for the players are determined by their years of service in Yulon and their performance in the field. Each player when retired may elect to continue staying with the team as a trainer, or to have a proper office job in the Group, or to seek employment elsewhere.

Today, Yulon Basketball Team is recognized as the most powerful team ever seen in the history of Taiwan. In the same year the Team was created, it won the championship of the national tournament game. The Team became so famous over the night and since then the Team has never been absent in major events, such as Freedom Cup, Chungcheng Cup, Inter-municipal Cup, Sun-Moon-Light, President Cup, Governor Cup of League A games, and international invitation and professional basketball games, meeting only a few challenges in winning the championship. The Team has been playing so well in all these events that win the hearts of domestic fans, and the local fans when playing overseas. As requested by the regulating authorities, Yulon Basketball Team frequently plays in many nations over the world to effectively develop friendship between Taiwan and those countries under Basketball Diplomacy. In September 2000, the Team was invited to play a friendship game in SunDong, China, and was so welcome and enjoyed positive recognition for its performance.

Since Mr. YEH, Kai-tai formerly took the office of CEO for Yulon Group in 1989, he pushed things one step further with other promoters by making Taiwan the second nation of having professional basketball in Asia. By injecting new blood into the Team, he makes sure that the Team is always at its top condition. With his efforts and great vision, he led the Team into the pro world in 1994 and the Team has achieved many remarkable records in the field since then.

Either as an amateur or professional team, Yulon Basketball Team demonstrates its spirits of fighting to the last second. In recruiting and training young talented players for the Team or for the nation, Yulon present top quality games with exciting education and entertainment values for the community by always sticking to the same commitments of Yulon Group: Pursue Customer Satisfaction, Create Business Prosperity and Contribute Social Welfare. Meeting future challenges, the Team is growing stronger by day together with Yulon Group



Runner-up of 1990 Chungcheng Cup League A Game


Runner-up of 1991 Freedom Cup League A Game
Ternary of 1991 Chungcheng Cup League A Game
Ternary of 1991 Governor Cup League A Game
Runner-up of 1991 Inter-municipal Cup League A Game


Runner-up of 1992 Freedom Cup League A Game
Ternary of 1992 Chungcheng Cup League A Game
Runner-up of 1992 Inter-municipal Cup League A Game


Ternary of 1993 Freedom Cup League A Game
Championship of 1993 Chungcheng Cup League A Game
Ternary of 1993 Inter-municipal Cup League A Game


Championship of 1994 Freedom Cup League A Game
Championship of 1994 Chungcheng Cup League A Game
Championship of 1994 Inter-municipal Cup League A Game
Championship of 1994 Top 4 NBC Warm-up Game
Championship of 1994 NBC First Half Season
Championship of 1994 NBC Second Half Season
Championship of 1994 NBC Full Season
Runner-up of 1994 William Johns International Invitation Game


Championship of 1995 NBC First Half Season
Runner-up of 1995 NBC


Runner-up of 1996 NBC


Ternary of 1997 NBC


Championship of 1998 ROC Meilo Challenge Pro Game


Championship of 2000 Y2K Memorial Game
Championship of 2000 Sun-Moon-Light League A Game


Championship of 2001 League A Game